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An Idea: The Social Media Algebra

I used to be very good at maths. I really was. Then I started studying computer science stuff (which is normal for a computer scientist) and as time goes by, I forgot many of the coolest stuff I learned when I was a student. For eg. language theories, logic, algebra…

Yesterday, maybe driven by a kind of nostalgia, I had an idea and submitted it to the wisdom of crowds on FriendFeed. I called it the SMA: Social Media Algebra. What I wanted, and hope someone will help me build it is: a formalism, a mathematic formulation of social media notions ; a theory.
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SocialWhois: The next step for socialmedia

I was computing arround the interwebs when Justhemes jumped in my GTalk client and said: "Dude! This things is AWESOME!" —Yes, he was talking about SocialWhois. People who know who Chris is, would quickly understand what SocialWhois is about :)

Then, I saw dozens of people setting up profiles on SocialWhois, probably due to his and other tweets and to the article by mashable. So I'm late (as usual) but I hope I'll explain in some words what it is, and why it really matters. Read More »

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