2 nice lists for freelancers

I told you how I hate most of the N# lists that get dug and bookmarked. It was a bit sarcastic and humorous, but somehow true… won’t you agree?
Well, I said most -not all the lists. In fact, some of them deserve all the honors!

So, today I’ve found two of them by Samuel Ryan:

http://xhtml-css.com/static/img/orange-ok.gif 10 Absolute “No’s!” for Freelancers

http://xhtml-css.com/static/img/orange-ok.gif 5 Absolute “Yes’s!” for Freelancers

These are great lists of advices for freelancers. And comments on these two posts are also very valuable! Believe me, if you’re a freelancer, read them and read the comments, you’ll learn of others’ errors!