443 Amazing WordPress themes and stop polluting the Internet.

If you’re looking for these 443 themes go to the end of this article, but I’d really appreciate it if you read this message.

Okay, Let’s clear this once for all. This site is not powered by WordPress, I made the bivalidator in python , using some very nice xml/xslt and other magic stuff. The CMS part in the other hand is powered by TextPattern which I find, for the this website, far way better than WordPress. Anyway, that’s not the subject of this post actually.

I’m writing this post to tell all the diggers, the deli.icio.users, the stumblers, all the web 2.0ers that I’m (and I’m not alone) fed up with posts about XXX wonderful, nice, amazingly amazing wordpress themes. Once is ok, twice is ok, but more than that it starts to become really silly. Whenever someone posts a list of say 54 wordpress themes it gets popular and receives all the attention. NO! I’m not jealous, I swear, but it’s so sad that posts like these hide real jewels submitted by modest authors. This is stupid because hype wins against real and useful information.

So here’s the deal: I’ll list here all the XX wunderbar wordpress themes once for all. Not that I’ll use them —I won’t use any WP theme because I believe that a personal design is always better than a mister-everyone’s one. I respect those beginners that hand craft their flat simple themes. It is their identity, their good will to learn and create. You can alter a given theme, you can customize it, but you’ll never learn if you don’t take the time to create your own layouts and insert your own code, tags and loops.

The second thing that makes all this stupid and useless is that it’s always the same websites that write such articles and it’s always those non-creative articles that “win” and hide a forest of really worth reading articles. If someone likes what these mashing-blah-blah websites do, all he has to do is to follow their submissions via their feeds!

Anyway, So here’s the list of wordpress themes lists and please, please for the sake of love or whatever, forget about blindly polluting the Internet. I’ll keep an eye on future lists and update this one if it’s really what it takes to stop this mascarade.

http://xhtml-css.com/static/img/orange-ok.gif 100 Astonishing WordPress Themes

http://xhtml-css.com/static/img/orange-ok.gif 20 WordPress Themes That Don’t Disappoint

http://xhtml-css.com/static/img/orange-ok.gif 83 Beautiful WordPress Themes You (Probably) Haven’t Seen

http://xhtml-css.com/static/img/orange-ok.gif 100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes

http://xhtml-css.com/static/img/orange-ok.gif 30+ 1-Column WordPress Themes

http://xhtml-css.com/static/img/orange-ok.gif 30+ WordPress 2-Column Themes

http://xhtml-css.com/static/img/orange-ok.gif 30+ WordPress 3-Column Themes

http://xhtml-css.com/static/img/orange-ok.gif 20 WordPress 4-Column Themes

http://xhtml-css.com/static/img/orange-ok.gif The Best 10 Minimalist WordPress Themes

http://xhtml-css.com/static/img/orange-ok.gif 10 Remarkable (and Free) WordPress Themes

http://xhtml-css.com/static/img/orange-ok.gif Ten Best Free WordPress Templates

If you really can’t survive without new wordpress themes go subscribe to smashing magazine, mashable and site like these feeds. But honestly, I won’t do that myself.

Now let’s fire the troll! 🙂