So what’s this anyway?

This is a website that helps you check the markup and style validity
of web pages. It does this by submiting the urls that you want to
check to the
W3C Markup and the
W3C CSS Validators.

These validators send back validations resulats in
SOAP format, which
this website internaly consumes in order to produce the result you’re

Draw me a bird, please.

The schema below may be better explaining than words:


What’s that β on your logo?

This means that this service is still in beta stage of developpement.
We’re sorry about that. But just as Paul Graham would say:

It’s more important to get it up than to get it right.

What does it use?

This website proudly uses some nice tools/technologies like:
xslt & xpath,
yahoo pipes and

Be informed.

This is just the beginning, and there’s lots of updates and new features to come. There’s articles and very intersting blog posts about what gather us here: Web developpement and web evolution.

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