On IRC, opensource and that gufy

Some comics are very funny and yet very serious.

I’ve always wondered -thought had a great respect for- how people can spend hours on IRC helping other people, for free, nada, nothing in exchange. I did, but I finished by understanding the reason why. It was simple, true and deep: help people and you’ll be happy for being useful. Help people and you’ll learn more and more everyday.

Today’s kudos and cheering go to a guy nicknamed gufymike that you can easily meet on #linux. I owe him a lot, really. How often he helped me on my linux issues when I started using, that’s years now, this wonderful OS. He was there simply, answering and giving of his time. He also urged me to learn python. Gufymike told me that in a matter of a week I’ll be able to write nice python programs, and I took the bet! Boy! He was right! Thank you gufymike!

Though I’m not the inventor of this idea, but wouldn’t it be magic if we guys stand as godfathers for newbies in learning programing languages for example? #linux, #fedora, #ubuntu, #python, #php, #ruby, whatever IRC channel being the main places to.

That’s it, go and help.