PyAPML : A python parser for apml

While I was working on a little and nice program I’ll be releasing
soon, I needed a certain notion/thing for representing a user’s tastes about different concepts.

The very first idea that came in mind was, of course: hey! a hash: notion→rank! And then, I told to myself: “some people have already established an open standard for this, why not just use it?”

What is APML?

In fact this standard is called APML (Attention Profiling Markup Language) It’s grosso-modo an xml file that lists concepts with their ranks. It’s about profiles, sources and concepts. The idea is really nice and I feel bad I can’t explain it in a simpler way. So I’m giving you some links at the end of this post 🙂

PyAPML an APML python parser

What is PyAPML?

An APML parser is a program that helps you extract the information from the APML file in order to be consumed/processed. That’s what pyapml is about. And I wrote it because after a lot of googling, I didn’t found anything written in Python. So hey, I wrote it 🙂

You can check the project’s google code page at:
And you can check out the latest svn version there — I’ll be giving a downloadable archive very soon.

Meanwhile, any comment, suggestion or correction is really welcome!

Some APML Resources The Official APML website Attention Profiling: APML Beginner’s Guide Explaining APML – What it is, Why You Want it