Turn your wordpress blog into a PDF eBook using LaTeX!

You have a blog? What about a book?

You probably have a blog, or are considering to have one. Or maybe, you dream of writing a whole book but you are too lazy to do it. What about having a blog to which you'll post at your rythm and then convert all what you've written to a book? Simple? Heh?

WPTeX is the tool for you!

Ask any geek you know about LaTeX and TeX, and they'll tell you: "It's the best solution to produce hight quality and professional documents (articles, books, brochures and presentations…) but, you'll have to learn a little bit to use it"… and time is what you don't have, justly.

WPTeX is a small php program that you can easily install in your wordpress blog, to easily generate a TeX file, so you don't worry about learning LaTeX!

How does this work?

When you run WPTeX, it asks you to give : the book title, a subtitle (optionnaly), the author's name (you) and some keywords if you want to include an index in your book. Then you click on a button and WPTeX will walk through every post you've written, and generate a zip file for you to download.
Extract this zip file to your desktop and convert the "book.tex" file to a pdf using your favorite tool and that's it! You're done! :)

WPTeX is freely available under the GPL Licence. You can download it, share it, modify it under the terms of this licence.

Any comment?

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