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An Idea: The Social Media Algebra

I used to be very good at maths. I really was. Then I started studying computer science stuff (which is normal for a computer scientist) and as time goes by, I forgot many of the coolest stuff I learned when I was a student. For eg. language theories, logic, algebra…

Yesterday, maybe driven by a kind of nostalgia, I had an idea and submitted it to the wisdom of crowds on FriendFeed. I called it the SMA: Social Media Algebra. What I wanted, and hope someone will help me build it is: a formalism, a mathematic formulation of social media notions ; a theory.
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SocialWhois: The next step for socialmedia

I was computing arround the interwebs when Chris Saad jumped in my GTalk client and said: "Dude! This things is AWESOME!" —Yes, he was talking about SocialWhois. People who know who Chris is, would quickly understand what SocialWhois is about :)

Then, I saw dozens of people setting up profiles on SocialWhois, probably due to his and other tweets and to the article by mashable. So I'm late (as usual) but I hope I'll explain in some words what is SocialWhois, and why it really matters. Read More »

The "Free Hour" or how a simple idea can spread and work.

free hour room

Remember my last post? “How can I help you?. So, yes it worked for me and I’ve been able to give some of my humble help to some people already and I liked it a lot!
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How can I help YOU?

I am giving away one hour of my weekly work time to you. Yes, you.

No catch, no strings attached, I simply want to help in coding stuff be it: markup, style, design, python, php, linux…Read More »

And here's NoiseRiver! Because your interests deserve attention!

I am not a blogger. At least I don’t define myself as such. Not that I have anything against blogging of course, but I’m more a developper, so sorry all for the long time without any post.

I’ve been among the people over friendfeed to request filters based on interests, because even if some people like the noise —all the noise— I myself don’t. So I put my “money” ( fbrunel one’s actually, whom I thank so much!) where my mouth is and made NoiseRiver.Read More »

What's wrong with Socialmedia?

Dear readers, I’m not leaving this blog, I’m just writting on the other one too, I’ll be very happy to have you there also, since I’m writing especially about feeds, socialmedia, data portability and such things.

My latest post is What’s wrong with Socialmedia and I’m discussing the wrong side of the current social websites, where the tools are also to blame.Read More »

Feedego: a blog, a todo list and a request

So I started a blog for Feedego, where I’ll post some technical things , announcements and features…

Yes, there will be tons of features, including:Read More »

Feedego : The revenge of ego over SocialWeb

Sounds big, huh? :)

I’m very pleased to announce the birth of Feedego, a web app I’ve been working on for about 10 days now. It’s written in python and is hosted on Google AppengineRead More »

A delicious bug!

Hey del.icio.us what’s wrong? :)

No popular on del.icio.us
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The two worlds of computer science

I just stumbled on two special things, and I really mean special :)

A cheque by Sir Donald Knuth!

a reward from sir d knuth
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