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Just type or paste an URL in the form above, and click on "check it" to see the magic. If you want to fine tune your validation, click on the "advanced" link. That's it!

The (not yet) Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trust your validation results?
First, they're not "our" results. They're from the W3C validators, so as long as you trust the W3C validators, you can trust what you see here
Sometimes I see a message saying "results from cache" what does it mean?
The W3C validators are shared resources, they're so nice to privide a SOAP API for us developpers to play with, so the least we can do is to query thier servers wisely. And so we do! This website submits a url to the validators and keeps the returned results in a local cache and uses that copy for the next 5 minutes.
5 minutes! Isn't it too much?
Yes, maybe… But come on! It's the time that an average designer/developper needs to review some of his code and to drink some coffee :)
Any plans to improve this?
Yes, sure! First, we'll try to make a new caching system that will look for pages changes rather than thier ages in the local cache. Second, we're watching and trying to help as much as we can the W3C folks to provide a better soap or xml format.
Why Python?
Because it's the best and nicest language ever!
So, did Sandybell met her mom?
Yes she finally did!
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